Greetings in the name of Jesus,

My first word is to thank you and the board of your Hope for your concern about God’s work in Haiti. Everything is doing very well with the congregation.

During the year 2017, we did our best to accomplish some little works that we could in the temporary sanctuary so that we could celebrate the 25th anniversary of the church last September and God approved it where we were able to praise him during the whole day and ate what we had together. Since that time the church is really tight financially and we don’t move forward in the construction of the main sanctuary as little as we used to. However, we were able to accomplish the evangelization program that we had for the rest of the year and many people came to Jesus.

For this year, the closest activity is the annual youths retreat that will be held February 9th to 14th. The church is used to supporting this activity or help them or look for sponsors because they are not working and neither are their parents. This year the retreat will be held in Jacmel in the South East of Haiti for transportation, food etc for these five days for about 60 youths. Most of the church in Port au Prince move their youth outside of the capital and have spiritual activity to avoid the evil activity called carnival in Haiti that is different from anywhere else.

Your faith prayers please for this activity to be held and for spiritual blessings in this activity as usual.

We also need prayers to open doors so that we can restart with the construction of the main Sanctuary during the year.

As for the school, everything is doing okay but we still need help to pay the teachers and feed the kids. They were off for Christmas vacation and just came back last January 8th.

My family has know some difficult days at the beginning of last December with the sickness of three of us at the hospital without insurance but thanks to God we are all doing fine. My sons are doing fine at school and join their voice with my wife to say hello.

Again, we require your faith prayers for the youths retreat, the restart of the work for the construction of the main sanctuary and for all other activities plan during the year.

Thanks very much.

In Christ, Pastor Previl Opont.